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Smartsheet Project & Information Management Solutions Help to Connect Teams and Work Collaboratively
Smartsheet delivers a large, secure and scalable work management solution with an emphasis on project managers. The interface uses a forms and sheets view by default, compared to task list view of Asana. With a long history in the market, Smartsheet have gained a large range of certifications that meet the requirements of finance, healthcare and government agencies. Great when your data is required to have the up most security and encryption levels. Smartsheet have also gone through the FedRAMP process from US Government which ticks another mark in their software maturity level. The use of templates can assist in setting up your Smartsheet account, yet compared to Asana or you may find the set up process a little slower or complex. Read on to see the info the team here at Total Software Info have found for Smartsheet.
  • Once set up, easily collaborate within a range of teams both internal and external
  • Good quality support from Smartsheet directly and the strong partner network
  • Project Management standards are top notch and support approaches like PMBOK, Prince2 and Agile with supported views that PM and PMO love
  • Smartsheet Solution Center has a wealth of templates to get your started
  • Use of free accounts can increase stakeholder engagement and accountability, perfect when scheduling work between multiple stakeholders such as marketing, construction and government
  • Automate Routines and schedules are great for the detailed task monitor
  • Users familiar with Excel and sheets will find Smartsheet natural to use
  • Can be overly complex for basic users
  • Requires full range of license to utilise all features
  • If you haven't worked with sheets lke Excel before, this will be a little difficult

Smartsheet Quick Info


Yes API is supported

Mobile platforms supported:

Android, iOS

Free Trial Supported:

Free Trial

What is Smartsheet?

A complex and detailed Work Management solution. With a bit of training, your projects and tasks will be humming along!

Smartsheet Project Management

Smartsheet is a mature no-code platform that with a bit of training and time spent, you will quickly be able to set up dynamic sheets to manage task lists, assign actions to a wide range of team members and set up dashboards to view and track the work assigned.

The Smartsheet interface is well suited to project and program managers who require detailed information and project management tailored experiences. This is showcased by the view system within Smartsheet that has pre-set views for Grid, Gantt, Card and Calendar.

Compared to other work management solutions Asana, we feel that users will have a bit of a learning curve to go through. And this is backed up by the large range of technical set up options that Smartsheet offer. In government and fortune 500 companies, it is very common for solution implementations to have proper planning. Where considering the OCM, (Organisational Change Management) impact is important. These projects will often provide training and support to implement solutions. The Smartsheet University and partner network also backs up this large scale support. Where there is a large array of information available to support these technical implementation leads.

Smartsheet themself market their product as being secure, scalable, unified, user driven, adaptable and collaborative.

But how does this work from a total info perspective, and what key information have we provided at TSI to back up what Smartsheet claim?

Well in summary here is where we feel Smartsheet practice what they preach, and we award them highly if they meet your industry and project requires.

Secure – Smartsheet have an impressive range of industry security certifications. Privacy Shield, FedRAMP, FIS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, NERC, NIST, PCI DSS, SOX, SOC 1 to 3 and more emerging each day. This is also backed up by the technical support of gaining these certifications. SSL, TLS, AES and Ciphers are supported.

Scalable – Smartsheet can support a small team of 3, all the way up to a large full scale PMO of 100’s or resources working across a range of industries with contractors, consultants, guests and more. The custom profiles can connect with Jira and Salesforce. And within Smartsheet custom profiles can be set up under Admin, User and Guest. Guest profiles work great for resources external to the organisation and they can access Smartsheet for free. Common scenarios of this would be inviting customers, vendors, partners and various stakeholders to view and edit granular level detail like a specific task.

Unified – As displayed in the certifications. Smartsheet is flexible to integrate to many solutions both native and custom. See below under our FAQ where we have outlined what integrations are supported.

User Driven – Where users are trained in the best practices of using Smartsheet, they will quickly let their creativity kick in and be able to set up a wide range of forms and reports/ The no code aspect of Smartsheet means the platform takes care of the technical aspects, and the users can work on the user experience. As it should be.

Adaptable – Big or small. Users can be adaptable within the Smartsheet environment.

Collaborative – Imagine bringing all your projects, teams and resources together to work collaboratively using our above points. This really is what serves the basis as to why Smartsheet is a leader in Work Management. As Work Management is all about working collaboratively across an entire organisation.

Smartsheet Best Features

Smartsheet Best For

What do the team here at Total Software Info think are the best use cases for Smartsheet.

Smartsheet Best Features:

Smartsheet Best Industries:

Smartsheet Tools Features

Here are what we think are the most popular key features for Smartsheet

Content management
Cross-functional Collaboration
Data connections
Digital asset management
Governance and administration
Intelligent workflows
Managing resources
Process management
Project Portfolio Management
Real time insights
Resource management
Schedule workflows
Secure request management
Team collaboration
Workflow automation

Smartsheet Pricing Info

Smartsheet Package Pricing Based on License Types, Currencies, Duration:

After researching and looking at the price structure for Smartsheet we can provide the current up to date pricing and contract information in 2022.

License types and prices:

Currencies available:
Can Smartsheet have a range of licenses?
Prices listed in $USD - Consult Smartsheet for local pricing conversion

Pro Monthly: $9 user/month or $7 user/month + annual subscription
Business Monthly: $32 user/month or $25 user/month + annual subscription
Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Notes: All plans require a minimum 3 user accounts.
Pro plan only allows up to 25 users. Then Business plan applies.
Does Smartsheet have a trial?
Status: Free Trial
Trial duration: 30 Day Trial
Are you interested in a trial forClick here to try Smartsheet.
Contract duration

We find it is important to know how long the contract options are,
this helps with financial planning when procuring software.

The current contract duration
options for Smartsheet are:
1 Month, 12 Months

Learn more about "Smartsheet Project and Information Management System"

Here at Total Software Info we work with some leading training partners that can help you gain more knowledge and skills to better understand "Smartsheet Project and Information Management System".
As we are a team of keen learners, we can be honest and say that every day we learn new things. And the more we learn, the better we feel and can be adaptable in today's most ever changing environments.
So if you are interested in learning, growing, become a more profitable person. Check out the providers below and get the total info that you need!

For more reading about Smartsheet Project and Information Management System have a look at LinkedIn Learning. We always recommend our users sign up and use LinkedIn as the leading professional source of knowledge, networking and technical influencers.

If you don't know already, Coursera is the leading online learning platform with knowledge and articles sourced from over 200 leading universities and companies. See what courses they have to further educate on Smartsheet Project and Information Management System

Udemy has been a leader in learners teaching learners. And it has been a popular resource of our team over the years to keep current with the latest learning articles. See what courses they have to further educate on Smartsheet Project and Information Management System

Specification: Smartsheet Project and Information Management System

Has a market place

Creation of new objects

Customization of fields

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Creation of new workflow

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Dashboard customisation

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Reporting customisation

API Authentication method


API cost

API documentation

API key history

API protocol


API supported


OS Supported


Free / Paid

Has a mobile app

User Management
Custom Profile Available

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Identity platform supported

, , , , ,

Profiles available

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Data encryption

, ,

Identification supported

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Duration of contracts


Supports license mix


Trial duration


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Solution Delivery
Browser compatibility

, , , ,

Choice of data centre

Data centre location

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Delivered as

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On premises option

Language supported

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, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Communication Encryption

Security and Privacy

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Videos: Smartsheet Project and Information Management System

Smartsheet Company Overview


Company NameSmartsheet
Year Founded:2005
Stock MarketListed
Revenue$385.5 million
Revenue Year2021
Valuation7.77 Billion
Number of Employees2070
Office LocationsBellevue Washington, USA
Bellevue, USA
Edinburgh, Ireland
Sydney, Australia
London, United Kingdom
Key PeopleMark Mader
CEO, Director

Alissa Abdullah

Mike Arntz

Magdalena Yesil

Praerit Garg

Brent Frei

Elena Gomez

Matt McIlwain

Jim White

Mike Gregoire

Geoffrey Barker

Rowan Trollope

Pete Godbole

Smartsheet Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular type of customers that Smartsheet currently have cover the following:
Customer Type:
ESMB|SMB|Mid Market|Enterprise|Government|Not-for-profit

Industry Type:

Smartsheet has the following user interface customizations:
Smartsheet has the Widget Editor and Custom Colors in Dashboards. The interface is also flexible with views for cards, boards and sheets. You are limited to the flex board design of Smartsheet that allows you to have a personalised view within the Smartsheet interface.

Smartsheet has the following workflow customizations:
Smartsheet supports workflows on the Pro, Premium and Enterprise plans. The plans have various workflow features.

Automated workflows consist of three components: triggers, conditions and actions.

Smartsheet Advance extends the full potential of the platform with premium capabilities for project, program, and process management at scale, secure request management, data and application integrations, intelligent workflows, and enterprise-class governance and administration capabilities.
Smartsheet has the following report customizations:
Smartsheet reports make it simple to interact with real-time data from numerous sheets in one place. You can construct separate views for different initiatives or combine essential activities and milestones into an overview for stakeholders.

Because reports are bi-directional, any changes made to the report will also be reflected in the underlying sheets, and vice versa. A row report can be created from the rows and columns on a sheet, and a sheet summary report can be created from the sheet summary fields.

In reports, grouping and summarising data from different sheets allows for efficient aggregation and calculation.

Reports can be simply shared with anyone who has access to the underlying spreadsheets that populate the report. You may publish your report or display it on a dashboard for more granular control, ensuring that your audience only sees the high-level information you want to provide without having to reveal the underlying data.

Does Smartsheet support creation of new objects:
Smartsheet allows columns to be created that can work as objects when utilizing the Smartsheet API.
TYpes of columns lik Date, Contact List and Text/Number can be used.
Many of the List All commands, for example, GET /sheets, return only an abbreviated object for each object returned. For full details, read a single item, such as GET /sheets/{sheetId}. In many cases, you can refine the exact object properties to be returned by using include and exclude query parameters.

Popular integrations for Smartsheet are:
G Suite
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Microsoft Onedrive
Microsoft Teams
Adobe Creative
Webex by Cisco
Power BI
Microsoft Azure

Smartsheet has the following native integrations available:

Platform integrations supported are:
4EF Time Slot Booking Add-on
Accounts Payable & Invoice Approval
Acumatica ERP
Attach any files stored in Dropbox to your Smartsheet projects
CData drivers and connectors for accessing Smartsheet data
Cloud-based single sign-on and identity management
Construction Safety by Execute Strategy
Construction Site Inspection & Tracking
COVID-19 booking system offering real-time conditional logic appointment availability and firm booking
Create automated workflows between Smartsheet and your favorite apps and services
Data sync by HubSpot for Smartsheet
Data Tracker
Deploy a multi-faceted Project Management Office (PMO) to manage m
Dynamic Dropdowns in Sheets and Forms
Easily attach files stored in Box to your Smartsheet projects
Easily attach files stored in Egnyte to your Smartsheet projects
Easy Insight
G Suite
Gain valuable insights into your work with the Smartsheet desktop connector for Power BI
Google Calendar
Google Drive
iCal Calendar Sync
Integration and two-way syncing between tools
Interactive map for geo-analysis, routing, territories, embedding live maps & no-code automation
Legal Project Management
Legal Service Request Manager
Legal Spend Analyser
Live Data Connector
Lucid Meetings
Lucidspark for Smartsheet
Manage your ServiceNow PPM projects in Smartsheet
Mapsly: Interactive Map for Smartsheet
McAfee MVISION Cloud for Smartsheet
Microsoft Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Cloud App Security for Smartsheet
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Flow
Microsoft Onedrive
Multidimensional Bubble Chart by SYSTEC
Power BI
Project Management Solution
Sales Opportunities Solution
Seamless integration with G Suite via SSO, Gmail, Calendar, and Drive
ServiceNow Connector
Single sign-on access to any app or service
SmartBackup for Smartsheet
SmartBluePrints: PMO
Smarter COVID-19 Test Bookings
Smarter Dropdown List Manager for Smartsheet
Smarter Vaccination Bookings
Smartsheet Primavera P6 Interface by SYSTEC
Supply Chain, Logistics and Customer Services
Sync for Procore
UiPath for Smartsheet
VMware Horizon
Webex by Cisco

Below we have our info of API options for Smartsheet

API Auth Methods:
OAuth2|API Key|Access Token

API Objects Accessible:ADMIN_SHEETS - Modify sheet structure, including column definition, publish state, etc.
ADMIN_SIGHTS - Modify dashboards structure.
ADMIN_USERS - Add and remove users from your Smartsheet organization account; create groups and manage membership.
ADMIN_WEBHOOKS - Create, delete, and update webhooks; get all webhooks; reset shared secret.
ADMIN_WORKSPACES - Create and manage workspaces and folders, including sharing.
CREATE_SHEETS - Create new sheets.
CREATE_SIGHTS - Create new dashboards.
DELETE_SHEETS - Delete sheets.
DELETE_SIGHTS - Delete dashboards.
READ_CONTACTS - Retrieve contacts.
READ_SHEETS - Read all sheet data, including attachments, discussions, and cell data.
READ_SIGHTS - Read all dashboards data.
READ_USERS - Retrieve users and groups for your Smartsheet organization account.
SHARE_SHEETS - Share sheets, including sending sheets as attachments.
SHARE_SIGHTS - Share dashboards.
WRITE_SHEETS - Insert and modify sheet data, including attachments, discussions, and cell data.
API Cost:Free/Part of Existing Subscription
API Version:1
You can also have a good read of theAPI Documentation Here

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