Wrike: A work management solution that has a strong professional offering

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Wrike: A work management solution that has a strong professional offering review

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Wrike is a flexible and collaborative project management platform that supports all user's needs to easily follow their project system and make the work easier and more efficient. It can customize tools that are suited for what the team needs. Great for the agency, marketing team, or professional service provider. Its versatile Collaborative Work Management (CWM) platform brings advanced work management software that provides great collaborations and simplifies the ability to access real-time information with the team at any time and location. But does it offer everything you need? Let's have a look!
  • Smart use of spaces
  • Strong API and Integration
  • Large range of Space Templates to get started
  • Powerful API and Integrations
  • The layout can be a bit confusing to new users
  • Only higher paid plans get smart dashboards

Wrike Quick Info


Yes Free

Mobile platforms supported:

Android, Apple

Free Trial Supported:

What is Wrike?

Work together with clarity and remove those barriers all from within your Wrike interface

While using and researching Wrike, we were immediately impressed by the range of options and enterprise features as well as the options to allow users to start cheaply.

Offering 5 Plan types, users can start from Free with unlimited users with limited features. Then step up to the paid plans that start at 5 users minimum to 200, and then step up to unlimited users in the top tiers.

Wrike is a CWM (Collaborative Work Management solution) that uses Spaces as a way to contain projects and tasks. Think of Spaces almost as Teams in some respect, as different spaces will have different work management requirements. But all working together in one system.

This works great for small teams who may just use one space, and then enterprises who may end up with many more spaces. This flexibility is great, but one caution we always advise with flexibility is this. With great flexibility comes great responsibility! That is, you could quickly end up with a system full of a random assortment of spaces, not following any process and looking very messy.

Thankfully Wrike helps address this with Space Templates. Here you can choose from a range of industry-leading templates and get yourself kick-started.

As with any work management solution on Total Software Info, we always advise watching help videos and getting a good understanding of how the product works. Many times you want to jump and start using it immediately. Whereas if you are armed with the right information, you can make a more educated start and the results will be better.

In general, we find the user interface can navigate fine, and once you are familiar with finding your spaces from the side menu bar. There is also a good menu icon on the top right that shows various options such as to-do lists, dashboards, calendars, reports and starred tasks.

On the contrary, though, we do think the interface takes a little more time to get familiar with and users may find themselves getting lost between Spaces and having to remember to click back to change the Space. This is often a challenge many large work management solutions face and isn’t something unique to Wrike.

From a professional standpoint, the API and Integration are very good.

The data centres are available in both US and the EU, which is great for GDPR and of course other security areas.

One area we think users may have trouble with is reports and exporting. The dashboards and reports built into Wrike are very good, and you can set them up within each Space. But for exporting, Wrike provides a BI Export API that provides CSV and a more report friendly export. This is only available on the higher paid plans. By comparison, other work management solutions support API lists that allow you to GET all the content. And this is included for all users.

In general, Wrike is a complex and powerful tool that with the right training it will guide your business forward. Just make sure you follow some of our tips and learnings so that you start on the right foot.

Have a look below at the Total Software Info research we have gathered and see if Wrike is the work management tool your business has been waiting for.

Wrike Best Features

Wrike Best For

What do the team here at Total Software Info think are the best use cases for Wrike.

Wrike Best Features:

Wrike Best Industries:

Wrike Tools Features

Here are what we think are the most popular key features for Wrike

Wrike Pricing Info

Wrike Package Pricing Based on License Types, Currencies, Duration:

After researching and looking at the price structure for Wrike we can provide the current up to date pricing and contract information in 2022.

License types and prices:

Currencies available:
Can Wrike have a range of licenses?
The Free Plan

This offers:

Web, desktop, and mobile apps
Personalized app experience via AI Work Intelligence
Task & subtask management
Live activity stream across the global, project, and task levels
External and internal collaborators
Interactive board and spreadsheet views
Account-wide Work Schedules
Cloud storage integrations (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, MSFT Office 365, and OneDrive)
Active task limitations apply
2 GB storage space per account

The Professional Plan

This offers all of Free plus:

Shareable dashboards
Interactive Gantt charts
Productivity integrations (MS Project, Excel, RSS)
1 to 2 GB storage per user

The Business Plan

Offers all of Professional plus:

Custom fields
Custom workflows
Branded workspace
Automation Engine (200 actions/user/month)
Project and task approvals, guest approvals
Real-time reports and report templates
Request forms and calendars
Personal and Account-wide Work Schedules
Resource management
Time tracking and timesheets
Workload charts
Effort and time allocation
Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud
File and video proofing (30+ file formats)
User groups & permissions
Salesforce integration
5 GB storage per user

Enterprise Plan

Offers all of Business plus:

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Password policies
Custom access roles
Admin permissions
User audit reports
Automation Engine (1000 actions/user/month)
10 GB storage per user
Does Wrike have a trial?
Status: Free Trial
Trial duration: 14 Days
Are you interested in a trial forClick here to try Wrike.
Contract duration

We find it is important to know how long the contract options are,
this helps with financial planning when procuring software.

The current contract duration
options for Wrike are:
1 Month, 1 Year

Learn more about "Wrike: A work management solution that has a strong professional offering"

Here at Total Software Info we work with some leading training partners that can help you gain more knowledge and skills to better understand "Wrike: A work management solution that has a strong professional offering".
As we are a team of keen learners, we can be honest and say that every day we learn new things. And the more we learn, the better we feel and can be adaptable in today's most ever changing environments.
So if you are interested in learning, growing, become a more profitable person. Check out the providers below and get the total info that you need!

For more reading about Wrike: A work management solution that has a strong professional offering have a look at LinkedIn Learning. We always recommend our users sign up and use LinkedIn as the leading professional source of knowledge, networking and technical influencers.

If you don't know already, Coursera is the leading online learning platform with knowledge and articles sourced from over 200 leading universities and companies. See what courses they have to further educate on Wrike: A work management solution that has a strong professional offering

Udemy has been a leader in learners teaching learners. And it has been a popular resource of our team over the years to keep current with the latest learning articles. See what courses they have to further educate on Wrike: A work management solution that has a strong professional offering

Specification: Wrike: A work management solution that has a strong professional offering

API Authentication method


API protocol


API supported

Creation of new objects

Customization of fields

Reporting customisation

OS Supported


Free / Paid

Has a mobile app


Has a market place

User Management
Custom Profile Available

Identity platform supported

, , , , ,

Profiles available

Data encryption

Single Sign On

, , , , ,

Solution Delivery
Browser compatibility

, , ,

Data centre location


Delivered as

Language supported

, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Duration of contracts


Supports license mix

Trial duration



, , ,

Communication Encryption

Security and Privacy

Free version available

Offers a Free Trial

Customer Type


Native Integration

, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,



Modify User Interface

App Replicates Customisation

Coding Capability

Native Reporting Available

Head Quarter Country

Has a partner network

Wrike Company Overview


Company NameWrike, Inc.
Year Founded:2006
Stock MarketPrivate
Revenue Year2021
Number of Employees1000
Office LocationsSan Jose, California, USA
San Jose, CA, US (HQ)
70 N 2nd St

San Diego, CA, US
9171 Towne Centre Dr #200

Melbourne, AU
520 Bourke St

Dublin, IE
6 Grand Parade, Rathmines

Chuo City, JP
2-chōme-13-12 Nihonbashi
Key PeopleAndrew Filev
Miron Mizrahi
Arathi K Ramesh
Nick RocoView Nick Roco’s profile

Wrike Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular type of customers that Wrike currently have cover the following:
Customer Type:
SMS and Mid Market Enterprise

Industry Type:
Marketing Sales Information Technology Other: Professional Services

Wrike has the following user interface customizations:
Within the Wrike user interface, you can show your spaces, teams, and pinned information.
Workspaces also support themes where you can pick from 14 different themes.
You still work very much within the Wrike look and feel. And we find for most users, this works well when using a tool.

Wrike has the following workflow customizations:
To do any of the advanced workflow and automation that is key within a work management tool. You have to have the Business or above plans to access this.
Here you get access to advanced automation workflow and the automation engine. The engine supports all types of triggers and actions.
Limits apply to this. Business gets 200 actions a month per seat, Enterprise gets 1000 actions a month per seat and the Pinnacle plan gets a whopping 1500 actions a month per seat!.
The is also Wrike Integrate, Wrike's internally built integration tool. Think of it like Zapier or Make where you can simply select other applications and connect them to your Wrike data.
Wrike Integrate is a paid add-on.
Wrike has the following report customizations:
Reporting is an interesting one with Wrike. There is a range of options, but depending on your plan you will have limited access.
Dynamic Gantt and pre-built dashboards and widgets for example start on the Professional Plan.
Advanced reports and BI come in from the Enterprise plan.
When you have the license to make reports the interface is really good. Simply go to Reports. Create a report. Select the type of report you need. Then voila, your report is there.
Reports can be set up per data sources, such as project, folder or space.

Does Wrike support creation of new objects:
You are not able to create new object types in Wrike.

Popular integrations for Wrike are:

Wrike has the following native integrations available:
With Wrike, there are various integration options.

Depending on the plan, you get access to standard integrations.
For example, the Business plan introduces native integration to Salesforce. You also get what's called Wrike Integrate access to NetSuite and QuickBook for financial integration.

With Wrike Integrate, this is a paid add-on from the Business plan and up. And it allows you to integrate with other platforms with ease.

What we know from our experience with integration. Instead of paying for another integration tool, paying Wrike and using Wrike Integrate should verify the function of the integration from Wrike's development team.

You will need to weigh up what apps you might need to integrate to. Tools like Zapier and Make can integrate with 1000's products, including Wrike.

And as the API is available on all plans, including free. It is very simple for a developer to register a new app from within Wrike to get an OAuth Client ID and Secret, and then start connecting integrations that way.

Platform integrations supported are:
Adobe Creative
Google Drive
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Teams

Below we have our info of API options for Wrike

API Auth Methods:
OAuth2|API Key|Access Token

API Objects Accessible:The current version of the Wrike API is v4.
The Wrike API demonstrates a strong level of professionalism and highlights the capability of its development team.

The standard reference offers the following methods available:

Custom Fields
Folders & Projects
Timelog categories
Data Export
Audit Log
Access Roles
Async job
Work Schedules
Work Schedule exceptions
User Schedule exceptions
Hourly rates
Work templates

The API also supports Webhooks that cover 3 main listening areas:

Folder webhooks
Account webhooks
Space webhooks

For Enterprise and Pinnacle plans, there is also access to the Business intelligence API. This is called the BI Export API and it allows you to export content to CSV to be used by third-party analytic tools.
API Cost:Free/Part of Existing Subscription
API Version:1
You can also have a good read of theAPI Documentation Here

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