Nifty: A nifty little cloud work management solution with potential

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Nifty: A nifty little cloud work management solution with potential review

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Nifty is a work and project management solution that aims to take on the larger providers within the market. With a smart importer tool to migrate data and a flat pricing structure option. This can be an attractive option for companies looking to save money and move over. With popular features such as projects, portfolios, team chat, recurring tasks, subtasks and multiple assignees. There is a lot on offer. They also have competitive pricing plans with large user allocations. But the big question is, is Nifty the tool you want to move to? Have a look at our Total Software Info research to see if Nifty is the project management tool for you!
  • Sticks to traditional portfolio and project management that works well
  • Finally an API!
  • Simple List view
  • Flat rate pricing is good for larger companies.
  • Automate tool is intuitive
  • Subtasks and multiple assignees is very practical
  • Reports exportable for users that like to access the data
  • Polishing in the small data
  • Desktop app gave Windows Defender warnings

Nifty Quick Info


Yes Paid

Mobile platforms supported:

Android, Apple

Free Trial Supported:

What is Nifty?

2024 update – Now with version 3.5 Nifty is proving what we originally thought, and is increasing it’s potential! Now with API, smart features and a modern interface. We have updated our score to reflect the new features!

Manage projects and not the tools. Nifty aims to connect the dots to help collaborate with stakeholders and teams.

Nifty PM is an interesting work management solution. With a flat pricing structure for larger organisations, the offer is a tempting one for managers looking to reduce budgets. Unlimited users from $399 per month, that is tempting!

When joining the platform, you can quickly see the focus on making it easy for you to bring your work to Nifty.
The first option presented allows you to migrate projects from Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, JIRA, Trello, or Wrike quickly and easily! Nifty allows you to migrate all your work and support your team moving.

Now, in reality, we know moving systems isn’t an everyday approach or simple to do. So it is nice to see the options available. But before rushing into Nifty, you would want to be asking yourself. Is Nifty the right tool for me? Will it solve issues that the other tools had?

From here we think things get interesting. You see Nifty appears to offer a lot and yet there are some areas we notice the quality is not as comparable to their competitors.

2024 – Now with API, we will soon enhance this information. The below content is maintained for reference
The first area for this is the API. Most leading solutions, and especially the solutions Nifty is promoting you to move from, have an open API reference for everyone to view. This is something Nifty is currently not showing. An API reference shows leadership and power in that your development team are public about how the platform works and allow other developers to share in your experience and further enhance connections and integration.

Related to development, the Windows desktop app when launching displayed us a Windows Defender SmartScreen window sayings an unrecognised app was prevented from starting. By comparison, opening the Asana app prompted no warnings, and for good measure only on the same Windows Surface Book 3 laptop, we installed ClickUp, MeisterTask, and Wrike desktop apps. All loaded with no warnings. This can happen, but from our experience, it leads to the development behind Nifty.

On the pricing page, the plan is called Unlimited. This is clear to end-users, as you can have unlimited users on this plan with a set fee. However, when logged in, the plan is called Enterprise. So again. This could be an intentional thing. However, it’s worth noting as all pricing plans are usually the same name throughout.

With the polishing points out of the way. So how does Nifty address the core needs of users? Well, we think it does it very well.

The interface stays traditional and focuses on Portfolios, Projects and Tasks. For most users, this connects well and is easy to follow.

When setting up projects, Nifty offer a strong range of project templates covering popular approaches such as Agile, To-Dos, Product Design, Interior Design and various other industry-specific work types. The full range covers the core Sales, Product, Marketing and Legal.

The default views are also well laid out with Kanban, List, Calendar, Swimlane and Timeline.

The automation tool is simple to use and intuitive, providing nice suggestive prompts.

The user of subtasks and multiple assignees to the task is a nice touch that connects

There is a great Free plan, although a little is limited to only 2 Active Projects. But it’s nice to see a solution offering this, especially for users who like to test and get familiar. You also get a 14 day trial to the Pro plan, which lets you test out Nifty and its features.

All in all, Nifty looks like a compelling tool for companies that want to migrate from another tool, import content, have access to portfolios and projects at all plans and not get too techy. With a bit of polishing, we feel it could be a serious contender to the power players of Work Management. And perhaps this is reflected in the lower price offering.

Have a look at what the Total Software Info research has uncovered and see if Nifty is the work management solution for you!

Nifty Best Features

Nifty Best For

What do the team here at Total Software Info think are the best use cases for Nifty.

Nifty Best Features:

Nifty Best Industries:

Nifty Tools Features

Here are what we think are the most popular key features for Nifty

Nifty Pricing Info

Nifty Package Pricing Based on License Types, Currencies, Duration:

After researching and looking at the price structure for Nifty we can provide the current up to date pricing and contract information in 2022.

License types and prices:

Currencies available:
Can Nifty have a range of licenses?
Free Plan
Main features: Unlimited team members, 100MB storage space, 2 active projects and no guest/client accounts

Starter Plan
Main features: 10 team members, 100GB storage space, 40 active projects, unlimited guest/client accounts, custom fields and Google SSO

Pro Plan
Main features: 20 team members, 500GB storage space, unlimited active projects, unlimited guest/client accounts, custom fields, workflow automation and Google SSO

Business Plan
Main features: 50 team members, 1TB storage space, unlimited active projects, unlimited active projects unlimited guest/client accounts, custom fields, workflow automation, Google SSO, Microsoft SSO and Open API.

Unlimited/Enterprise Plan
Main features: Unlimited members, unlimited storage space, unlimited active projects, unlimited active projects unlimited guest/client accounts, custom fields, workflow automation, Google SSO, Microsoft SSO, Open API and Dedicate Success Manager

One discrepancy we noticed with the pricing. From the front end, the plan is called Unlimited Plan. But when you are logged in, the plan is called Enterprise Plan.
Does Nifty have a trial?
Status: Free Trial
Trial duration: 14 Days
Are you interested in a trial forClick here to try Nifty.
Contract duration

We find it is important to know how long the contract options are,
this helps with financial planning when procuring software.

The current contract duration
options for Nifty are:
1 Month, 1 Year

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Specification: Nifty: A nifty little cloud work management solution with potential

API supported

Creation of new objects

Customization of fields

Creation of new workflow

Reporting customisation

OS Supported


Free / Paid

Has a mobile app


Has a market place

User Management
Custom Profile Available

Identity platform supported

, , , ,

Profiles available

Data encryption


Single Sign On

, , , ,

Solution Delivery
Browser compatibility

, , ,

Data centre location

Delivered as

Language supported

Duration of contracts


Supports license mix

Trial duration




Communication Encryption


Security and Privacy

, ,

Free version available

Offers a Free Trial

Customer Type

, ,

Native Integration

, , , , , ,


Modify User Interface

App Replicates Customisation

Coding Capability

Native Reporting Available

Head Quarter Country

Service Type

Has a partner network

Videos: Nifty: A nifty little cloud work management solution with potential

Nifty Company Overview


Company NameNifty Technologies, Inc
Year Founded:1996
Stock MarketPrivate
Revenue Year
Number of Employees20+
Office Locations
Key PeopleShiv Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Nifty ,

Nifty Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular type of customers that Nifty currently have cover the following:
Customer Type:
Consumer SMS and Mid Market Enterprise

Industry Type:
Marketing Sales Information Technology

Nifty has the following user interface customizations:
When you start in Nifty you can pick from Classic Mode, Light Mode and Dark Mode.
Classic offers a dark menu bar with a white light background within the main window.
Light mode offers light for both areas.
And as you would guess, Dark mode offers dark background for both areas!

You can also set up custom views to embed information from integrations into your main view. This is good if you make use of integrations with your Nifty account.

Nifty has the following workflow customizations:
With Nifty, the built-in Automation part is connected from the Pro plan and up. This tool is quite intuitive and easy to understand.

Here you can set up workflow based mainly on tasks. Things like when a task is created in a particular area, assign it to a particular assignee.

There isn't a way to create tasks, and this is where an integration or API would be used typically.

Luckily Nifty has Zapier built-in, so you can use that to enhance workflow. There is a cost in using Zapier and this will allow you to connect to 1000's of applications.
Nifty has the following report customizations:
For reports in Nifty, you can export data in 4 different types.

Projects Progress as CSV
Projects Progress as PDF
Overview Report as CSV
Overview Report as PDF.

So there is no built-in report, but they offer the option of exporting data which is nice.

Does Nifty support creation of new objects:
There is no information about creating new objects here and we assume the API will call standard reference of projects, portfolios and tasks. Possibly the custom fields will be supported.

Popular integrations for Nifty are:

Nifty has the following native integrations available:
Github - Helps users track the commits, merges, and pull requests within task activity
Google Calendar - This integration shares a single authentication and does not require Google SSO.
Google Drive - with it users can easily access files storage systems and duplicates version of relevant project assets to Nifty task or direct in file project.
Typeform - This integration simply consolidates lead forms, project requests, Feedback forms, bug reports, and product suggestions.

Platform integrations supported are:
Google Calendar
Google Drive
Microsoft 365

Below we have our info of API options for Nifty

API Auth Methods:
OAuth2|API Key|Access Token

API Objects Accessible:Little is known about the Nifty Open API.
API Cost:Free/Part of Existing Subscription
API Version:1
You can also have a good read of theAPI Documentation Here

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Nifty: A nifty little cloud work management solution with potential
Nifty: A nifty little cloud work management solution with potential
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