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Swit is a modern Work Management solution that runs in the cloud and promises to be the OS for the Future of Work. After spending some time with Swit and looking into what it truly offers, I feel there is a journey to go on still. But it's great to see Swit have a goal and they are working strongly towards it. To praise their current response to this, the API they offer is very sound and current. It has a good range of options for developers to integrate and you are also able to register your apps with the Swit Store to offer Swit customers further integrations. This is definitely where all cloud solutions should be heading, if not already. And it is something the team here at Total Software Info have followed and worked on closely for the past 10 years and why we focus on Work Management currently. Where the Swit solution seems a bit lite is they way in which some things are executed. The security and privacy statements are, in the current form Feb 2022, a bit lite. There is a statement for US Government clients but no clear mention of status of being FedRAMP. FedRAMP is something all government striving vendors should know about and promote heavily in their marketing. The search help area in Swit looks really comprehensive, but lacks a quick search option so you have to manually click through to find information. Which is time consuming and not as intuiative as we would have lilked. Especially when they have such a great Hover feature within Swit.io to make moving information and files between workspaces and apps. Have a look at the Total Software Info analysis that we have made and see if Swit.io is the right solution for you!
  • Free Subscription Good
  • Interface is simple to understand
  • Powerful API
  • Relies heavily on integrations to do the heavy lifting - some customers might not like this
  • Security certifications seem a little lite and we don't recommend for Government

Swit Quick Info


Yes API is supported

Mobile platforms supported:

Android, iOS

Free Trial Supported:

Free Trial

What is Swit?

Providing an efficient way for teams to work together

Swit is a full team communication suite that includes team CHAT and TASK management in a single platform. Swit eliminates the need to switch between the two platforms.

You may switch between workflows that support new methods and also bring the original methods you may have used previously.
Swit’s connections with chat, post, file sharing, kanban, gantt chart, and calendar may provide your team additional flexibility.

Swit offers a great way to keep track of all your work. You can create and manage tasks, milestones, and deadlines with ease. Plus, you can comment on or share updates with your team quickly and easily.

If you need to get organized and stay on top of your work, Swit is the perfect app for you.

Have a look at the Total Software Info we have researched for Swit and see if this is the software for you!

Swit Best Features

Swit Best For

What do the team here at Total Software Info think are the best use cases for Swit.

Swit Best Features:

Swit Best Industries:

Swit Tools Features

Here are what we think are the most popular key features for Swit

Calendar View

Swit Pricing Info

Swit Package Pricing Based on License Types, Currencies, Duration:

After researching and looking at the price structure for Swit we can provide the current up to date pricing and contract information in 2022.

License types and prices:

Currencies available:
Can Swit have a range of licenses?
Swit offer 4 plans to cover a range of scenarios.
All plans below are in $USD and are set on monthly billing cycles

Free: $0
Standard: $9.99 per person, per month
Advanced: $19.99 per person, per month
Advanced Plus: $29.99 per person, per month
Does Swit have a trial?
Status: Free Trial
Trial duration: 30 Day Trial
Are you interested in a trial forClick here to try Swit.
Contract duration

We find it is important to know how long the contract options are,
this helps with financial planning when procuring software.

The current contract duration
options for Swit are:
1 Month, 12 Month

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Specification: Swit: The Best Project and Work Management Software

API Authentication method

, ,

API cost

API documentation

API key history

API protocol

, ,

API supported

Creation of new objects

Creation of new workflow

Reporting customisation

OS Supported


Free / Paid

Has a mobile app

Has a market place

User Management
Custom Profile Available

Identity platform supported


Data encryption

Identification supported




Solution Delivery
Browser compatibility

, , , ,

Choice of data centre

Data centre location

Delivered as

On premises option

Language supported

Duration of contracts


Supports license mix


Trial duration


Communication Encryption

Videos: Swit: The Best Project and Work Management Software

Swit Company Overview


Company NameSwit
Year Founded:2017
Stock MarketPrivate
Revenue Year2021
Number of Employees58
Office LocationsSan Francisco, California, USA
San Francisco
95 3rd St, 2nd Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94103

6th fl, 570, Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, South Korea 06163
Key PeopleRebecca Dascălu

Swit Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular type of customers that Swit currently have cover the following:
Customer Type:
EducationMarketingManufacturingSmall Business

Industry Type:

Swit has the following user interface customizations:
You can see the content within your workspace. You are not able to customize much with the interface.
The interface by default has the Channel box and Project box which help to separate communication with task and projects.

Swit has the following workflow customizations:
For workflows, Swit has a vast integration support and built in you are able to configure workflows for projects, tasks and boards.
Swit has the following report customizations:
The reporting interface offers standard off the shelf options, such as filters, priority, tags, colors and dates.
You are able to split the information into Status, Bucket, Team, Timeline and Calendar.
For any further custom reports you will need to use an integration.

Does Swit support creation of new objects:
From the API in Swit you are able to create and edit objects.
All objects have their own ID's and can be created based on the following types:

Project buckets
Posts (new)
Boards (new)

Popular integrations for Swit are:

Swit has the following native integrations available:

Platform integrations supported are:

Below we have our info of API options for Swit

API Auth Methods:
OAuth2|API Key|Access Token

API Objects Accessible:Most of the objects are the following

Project buckets
Posts (new)
Boards (new)
API Cost:Free/Part of Existing Subscription
API Version:1
You can also have a good read of theAPI Documentation Here

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