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Float is a simple resource management planner that aims to make it easy for teams to collaborate, plan and visualise tasks. With a smart interface, import options, time tracking and logging. It lets teams focus on the work, and let Float manage the planning. But will the simple approach work well for your business? Have a look at what our Total Software Info research has uncovered about Float and if this is the tool to help you manage resources effortlessly!
  • The design is straightforward and clean
  • Great management project
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Reporting is limited
  • Lack of customization
  • Might be too simple for power users

Float Quick Info


Yes Free

Mobile platforms supported:

Android, Apple

Free Trial Supported:

What is Float?

A simple and easy resource management planner that keeps you on top of it all!

Float Resource Management planner is a nice and simple project management planner without all the extras. They emphasise the acronym KISS. Keep it sweet and simple.. or the other one 😉

Float users are presented with the Project plan timeline where they can create projects, assign users and teams to projects. Add tasks to each user. Slide the tasks around in the timeline and get everything working.

There is even an import tool to sync and import from Jira, Asana, Teamwork and Trello. This works well in practice, although you may find it simpler to just work within Float exclusively and set up your times.

In a world where work management solutions can offer everything, and sometimes overwhelm end users. We think Float’s simple approach works well, and it is popular in the creative design industry.

This is also reflected in the pricing structure, where you only pay as little as $6 a month per user. And for more enterprise or time tracking features, the price increases to reflect this.

Being a resource planner, there are some great tools to manage time tracking, logging of hours and looking at the planned hours vs the actual hours. This is quite an art form in itself, as estimating and planning are key aspects in the industries where you need accuracy, otherwise, there can be times when underestimated costs come back on you.

A nice feature is that you get unlimited projects, so the size and scope of projects can vary and it allows you to manage them all.

The plus pack for SAML and Authentication can put the price up, but it’s there if you want it. Perhaps users thinking about Single sign-on may be looking for additional features in a tool and Float may hit some limits. But as long as you go into it thinking, the main goal is to manage my resources clearly and without all the extras, you will find Float hits the spot.

From the development space, the platform is well set up. The API reference from the development team is very well documented and we have more info about that in our FAQ section.

The system also supports export, which is great and helps with requirements such as GDPR.

With a range of resource-centric options and a simple but very useable interface. We see Float fitting into areas where the team need to plan and track, but don’t need nitty-gritty detail. Mainly, task, who does it, how long does it take, and when is it being done. So internal teams within bigger organisations or smaller agencies we think will find Float to be an ideal product.

Have a look at the full information we have researched below.

Float Best Features

Float Best For

What do the team here at Total Software Info think are the best use cases for Float.

Float Best Features:

Float Best Industries:

Float Tools Features

Here are what we think are the most popular key features for Float

Float Pricing Info

Float Package Pricing Based on License Types, Currencies, Duration:

After researching and looking at the price structure for Float we can provide the current up to date pricing and contract information in 2022.

License types and prices:

Currencies available:
Can Float have a range of licenses?
Resource Planning License includes:

Industry-leading resource scheduling
Powerful capacity reporting
Unlimited projects
Plan on the go with our mobile apps

Resource Planning + Time Tracking includes:

Everything in Resource planning
Fast & easy time tracking
Compare your estimates vs. actuals
Instantly log hours with our mobile app

Plus Pack includes:

Require sign in with Google
Domain restrictions
Lock logged time
Advanced team activity
Does Float have a trial?
Status: Free Trial
Trial duration: 30 days
Are you interested in a trial forClick here to try Float.
Contract duration

We find it is important to know how long the contract options are,
this helps with financial planning when procuring software.

The current contract duration
options for Float are:
1 Month, 1 Year

Learn more about "Float: Manage your resources in the best way"

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As we are a team of keen learners, we can be honest and say that every day we learn new things. And the more we learn, the better we feel and can be adaptable in today's most ever changing environments.
So if you are interested in learning, growing, become a more profitable person. Check out the providers below and get the total info that you need!

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Specification: Float: Manage your resources in the best way

Has a market place

Creation of new objects

Customization of fields

Creation of new workflow

Reporting customisation

API Authentication method

API protocol


API supported

OS Supported


Free / Paid

Has a mobile app


User Management
Custom Profile Available

Identity platform supported

, , , , , ,

Profiles available

Data encryption


Single Sign On

, , , , , ,

Duration of contracts


Supports license mix

Trial duration


Solution Delivery
Browser compatibility

, , ,

Data centre location

Delivered as

Language supported



Communication Encryption


Security and Privacy


Free version available

Offers a Free Trial

Customer Type


Native Integration

, , , , , , , ,


Modify User Interface

App Replicates Customisation

Coding Capability

Native Reporting Available

Head Quarter Country

Service Type

Has a partner network

Float Company Overview


Company NameFloat
Year Founded:2012
Stock MarketPrivate
Revenue Year
Number of EmployeesNov-50
Office Locations
Key PeopleGlenn Rogers - Float CEO & co-founder, https://www.crunchbase.com/person/glenn-rogers-2

Float Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular type of customers that Float currently have cover the following:
Customer Type:
Consumer SMS and Mid Market

Industry Type:
Marketing Information Technology Other: Advertising, Computer Software, Design, Internet

Float has the following user interface customizations:
The interface is clean and simple and standard. But no custom views or layouts.

Float has the following workflow customizations:
There is no built in automation. To do any smart automation, Zapier is the tool of choice for Float. You can connect Zapier via the Float Integrations.
You can also connect up to Trello, Asana, Teamwork and Jira to sync tasks from them into Float.
Float has the following report customizations:
Within the Report section you get access to a lightweight report view of high level project data. 4 options are available that include Logged vs Schedule, Past logged + Future schedule, Logged and Scheduled.
One interesting thing is that you are able to Export your data under the options Export chart Data and Export table data. Again another light option to let users simply export their data.

Does Float support creation of new objects:
No new objects can be created.

Popular integrations for Float are:

Float has the following native integrations available:
Integration is really key to how Float works. Being able to sync your main apps into Float will allow Float to simply centralize all the content, so you can track and monitor.

Here are some of the standard integrations and what they offer in float:

Jira Integration: Just simply drag and drop tasks directly onto the schedule to assigned to team.
Teamwork Integration: This helps sync team and projects. Schedule task assignment quickly.
Asana Integration: Helps sync people and projects from Asana, to start scheduling resources
Trello Integration: Sync in real time on sidebar in Float.
Google Calendar Integration: Send events using this integration straight to Float schedule
Slack Integration: With this user can send schedule updates and time tracking reminders directly to team in Slack.
Zapier Integration:Users can connect their favorite tools and automate your workflows with the Float Zapier App.
Onelogin Integration: This can Centralize access and identity management.
Okta Integration: Use this for security log in and access the team

Platform integrations supported are:
Asana Daily
Google Chrome

Below we have our info of API options for Float

API Auth Methods:
OAuth2|API Key|Access Token

API Objects Accessible:Float is another company that shows professionalism by offering a well documented and comprehensive API. They also include burst limits for their API so developers know how many requests a second can be requested within the general rate limit.

From within the Float user interface, if you go to Team Settings, and then Integrations. You can see your API key and also regenerate it if needed.

The Float API reference supports the following methods:

Time Off
Time Off Types
Logged Time
Team Holidays
API Cost:Free/Part of Existing Subscription
API Version:1
You can also have a good read of theAPI Documentation Here

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