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MuleSoft Anypoint Platform - this platform improves business process agility by providing a complete solution for developing and integrating a platform for connecting SaaS and business applications in the cloud and on-premise. It also makes API easy to search and reusable as well as ensuring that it is secured and appropriately managed to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Easy to deploy and run once familiar
  • Well embedded Security features
  • User friendly interface
  • Pricing can increase
  • Steep learning curve for some

MuleSoft Quick Info


Yes Free

Mobile platforms supported:

Free Trial Supported:

What is MuleSoft?

A leading integration platform

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform: The Future of Integration

What is MuleSoft Anypoint Platform?

MuleSoft is a software company that offers integrated solutions. Its products allow businesses to connect disparate systems and applications, streamlining communication and collaboration. As the industry leader in this space, Mules oft has a lot to offer businesses of all sizes.

Why is MuleSoft Anypoint Platform the best choice for integration?

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is a leading provider of integration software. Its products allow businesses to connect disparate systems and applications, streamlining communication and collaboration. This is a critical capability for businesses, as it allows them to more easily integrate their operations and data.

What are some of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform’s key advantages?

Some of MuleSoft’s key advantages include its breadth of offerings, its reputation for quality, and its ability to rapidly integrate systems. These factors make MuleSoft the perfect choice for businesses looking to integrate their systems quickly and easily.

What are some of the challenges that businesses face when integrating their systems?

One of the challenges that businesses face when integrating their systems is the complexity of the process. This complexity can make it difficult for teams to work together effectively. MuleSoft’s products are designed to address this challenge by making the integration process easier.

What are the benefits of using MuleSoft?

The benefits of using MuleSoft include its ease of use, its ability to quickly integrate systems, and its wide range of offerings. These factors make MuleSoft a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

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MuleSoft Best Features

MuleSoft Best For

What do the team here at Total Software Info think are the best use cases for MuleSoft.

MuleSoft Best Features:

MuleSoft Best Industries:

MuleSoft Tools Features

Here are what we think are the most popular key features for MuleSoft

MuleSoft Pricing Info

MuleSoft Package Pricing Based on License Types, Currencies, Duration:

After researching and looking at the price structure for MuleSoft we can provide the current up to date pricing and contract information in 2022.

License types and prices:

Currencies available:
Can MuleSoft have a range of licenses?
Gold Features:
Core features to get started with APIs and integrations.

Platinum Features:
Advanced features to support deploying across the enterprise.

Titanium Features:
Unleash the full power of your enterprise with mission-critical features and priority support.
Does MuleSoft have a trial?
Status: Free Trial
Trial duration: 30 days
Are you interested in a trial forClick here to try MuleSoft.
Contract duration

We find it is important to know how long the contract options are,
this helps with financial planning when procuring software.

The current contract duration
options for MuleSoft are:
1 Month, 1 Year

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Specification: MuleSoft: A leading integration platform

API Authentication method


API protocol


API supported

Creation of new objects

Customization of fields

Creation of new workflow

Reporting customisation

Free / Paid

Has a market place

User Management
Custom Profile Available

Identity platform supported

, , , , , ,

Profiles available

Data encryption


Single Sign On

, , , , , ,

Solution Delivery
Browser compatibility

, , ,

Data centre location

Delivered as

Language supported

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Duration of contracts


Supports license mix

Trial duration



, , , , ,

Communication Encryption


Security and Privacy

, ,

Free version available

Offers a Free Trial

Customer Type


Native Integration


Modify User Interface

App Replicates Customisation

Coding Capability

Native Reporting Available

Head Quarter Country

Has a partner network

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MuleSoft Company Overview


Company NameMuleSoft, Inc.
Year Founded:2006
Stock MarketPrivate
Revenue Year2017
Number of Employees3400
Office Locations
Key PeopleRoss Mason, Founder, Mulsoft,

MuleSoft Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular type of customers that MuleSoft currently have cover the following:
Customer Type:
SMB and Mid Market Enterprise

Industry Type:
Health Higher Education Other: Financial Service, Government , Insurance , Manufacturing , Media and Telecom , Retail

MuleSoft has the following user interface customizations:
Work within the standard interface

MuleSoft has the following workflow customizations:
Yes complete workflow configuration is supported.
MuleSoft has the following report customizations:
Reports are available with a titanium subscription. Reports allow you to view a list of applications running in an environment. The reports provide information about app performance and behaviour across the entire environment. These reports can help you identify app performance and availability problems in your environment, so you can better maintain the expected level of service for your apps.

Does MuleSoft support creation of new objects:
MuleSoft provides Object Store v2 which lets CloudHub applications store data and states across batch processes, Mule components and applications, from within an application or by using the Object Store REST API.

You can select Object Store v2 as the implementation for Mule 3 and Mule 4 in CloudHub by checking the Object Store V2 checkbox in Runtime Manager at deployment time.

Popular integrations for MuleSoft are:

MuleSoft has the following native integrations available:
Microsoft Teams
Amazon S3
Oracle PeopleSoft
Apache Kafka

Platform integrations supported are:
Microsoft Teams

Below we have our info of API options for MuleSoft

API Auth Methods:
OAuth2|API Key|Access Token

API Objects Accessible:Anypoint API Manager is a component of the Anypoint Platform that allows you to manage, regulate and secure APIs API Gateway and Anypoint Service Meshwork together to enforce policies, collect and track analytics data, and manage proxies, provide encryption and authentication, and manage applications. API Manager is tightly integrated with the Design Center, Exchange, and Studio tools, which allow you to design and implement an API. Additionally, the Runtime Manager tool allows you to deploy, manage, and monitor the API.
API Cost:Free/Part of Existing Subscription
API Version:1
You can also have a good read of theAPI Documentation Here

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